Revolution or War

<p>Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left</p>

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC). It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL which dissolved beforehand in November 2013. Our unity is based on the following main points:
1 – For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.
2 – Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.

Coronarivus and Catastrophic Crisis: The Tragic Responsability of Communists (IGCL, March 19th 2020)

"The Coronavirus Calls for Wartime Economic Thinking"(The New Yorker, March 16th 2020 [46]). "We are at war" (French President Macron, March 16). "I look at it. I view it as a, in a sense, a wartime president. I mean, that’s what we’re fighting. It’s a very tough situation" (Trump, March 18th). The rupture is historic and brutal. In addition to (...)

It is not up to the Proletarians to Pay for the Coronavirus and the Crisis! (IGCL, 15 March 2020).

No to National Unity in the Face of the Pandemic Caused by Capitalism! No to Sacrifices for the Safeguard of Capital! It is not up to the Proletarians to Pay for the Coronavirus and the Crisis! In addition to our position, we invite readers to read the communiqués published on March 11 by ICP-Proletarian (, not in English yet) and on (...)

Revolution or War n°14

(Semestrial - February 2020)

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  • Against Capitalism’s "Solution" to its Inescapable and Dramatic Contradictions, Massive International Class Struggle!

    Proletarian struggles and ’social revolts’ have multiplied since last summer all around the word, affecting all continents. Capitalist society is in a period of massive class confrontations worldwide because of the economic impasse and the drive towards imperialist war. The outcome of these beginning historical confrontations between the (...)

  • International Situation

    International Proletarian Struggles

    The various episodes of massive social struggles and revolts that have crossed all continents in recent months respond to the class offensive of all the national bourgeoisies and their states. Economic crisis, economic and imperialist rivalries and the prospect of war can only lead to an exacerbation of class antagonisms under the impulse of (...)

  • 2nd Communiqué on the Strikes in France (3 January 2020)

    We are only publishing here our latest communiqué on the situation in France, which retraces the whole dynamic of the workers’ mobilization since last September. We accompany it with a final update on what has happened since it was written on 4 January. Readers, especially those not living in France, who would like to go back in more detail on (...)

  • Quick Critical Comments on our December 8th Communique and the Class Demands and our Response

    While we have received supportive comments and agreement with our orientations puts forwards, we have also received some criticism. They mainly concerned two points: our denunciation of the unions from the 18th and their participation, in fact, during the festive season, in the famous Christmas truce, that is to say, in the government’s policy (...)

  • General Motors strike in the United States (Workers Group, November 1, 2019)

    The comrades of the Workers Group in the United States published the following article which gives an account of the strike at the General Motors plants last fall. Indeed, in the country where supposedly all blue-collar workers voted for Trump, there would still be workers’ struggles! That’s the first lesson of this strike. The comrades make (...)

  • Finland: Wave of Strikes in the "Happiest Country in the World" (International Communist Party - Le Prolétaire)

    In March 2019, the United Nations published its World Happiness Report [6]: for the second year in a row Finland was ranked first. Finland is a small Nordic country with a population of 5.5 million and a reputation for being a model welfare state. The media around the world have reported on its plans to create a guaranteed universal income for (...)

  • Debate within the Proletarian Camp

    How to Join the IGCL and a Communist Group?

    Several comrades in different countries have recently asked us about the conditions and process for joining our group. We thought it would be useful to publish one of our answers to which any reader or sympathizer could refer. Over and above the specific conditions of membership linked to the principles and political platform of the IGCL, it (...)

  • Letter of the Gulf Coast Communist Group (November 30, 2019).

    In the issue #12 of this journal, late July, we published the new basic positions of the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction), its new Points of Unity, as well as our comments [13]. We reproduce here the comrades’ response and we welcome the quality and seriousness of their arguments. We’ll respond to them in the next issue. We have already sent them (...)

  • Letter to Emancipación-Nuevo Curso on its Historical Claiming of the (Trotskist) Left Opposition and the 4th International in the years 1930s (November 15th 2019)

    November 15th 2019 The IGCL to Emancipation/Nuevo Curso, Dear comrades, In our letter of July 10th 2019 after the Congress of Emancipation, we proposed to you "a contradictory debate" about your claim of historical lineage with the 4th International that the congress had adopted : "Our tendency is born as the International Communist Left, (...)

  • The Communist Workers Organisation, the Journal Kommunist (1918) and the Period of Transition

    Our article, Bukharin’s Fraction Contrary to the Communist Left [29], about the Kommunist review published in issue 13 of our journal Revolution or War seems to have provoked several reactions from readers. It was in fact intended to be a detailed criticism of the positions of the Kommunist with the aim of showing that these positions do not (...)

  • Text of the Working Class Movement

    The Family According to the Marxist Conception (Prometeo #1, 1924)

    We have translated below a 1924 article by the so-called Italian Left on the family which, indirectly, also deals with the question of feminism today. Indeed, the feminist and environmentalist campaigns - which we addressed in the previous issue with the reproduction of our leaflet of 20 September 2019 [43] - are among the main vectors of (...)