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New Attacks in Brussels : Capitalism is Misery and War ! No to Terrorism, No to Anti-Terrorism ! Only One Path : To Struggle against Misery and War for Destroying Capitalism (March 22nd 2016)

The politicians and the media specialists have warned : ’the question is not if there will be other attacks, but when’ (quoted by the French newspaper Paris Match, August 27th 2015). After the new slaughter which took place in Brussels, ’what we feared has happened’ said the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (The Guardian, March 22nd 2016). Every time, in Paris, in Brussels, but also in Ankara, in Africa, Syria and Iraq, there are dozens of deaths, hundreds of injured and a terror which spreads and generalizes. Now, once more, they claim that ’this is only the beginning’ and that the blind and bloody bombings will continue.

However, these fateful predictions don’t prevent them, even today, to call on us to regroup and to unite behind the governments and the democratic state, all united, exploiters and exploited, and thus to give up any resistance to capitalism and any opposition to the economic attacks against our living and working conditions. The bodies of the victims still warm, the badges in the colours of the Belgian flag are already on sale and the slogan ’je suis Bruxelles’ [’I am Brussels’] replaces the French ’je suis Charlie’ . The calls for national unity multiply not only in Belgium but in all of Europe. Like the January 11th street demonstration in Paris behind the main heads of states, ’a March against Fear’ is already organized for Sunday March 27th in Brussels to reaffirm national unity behind the ’democratic’ capitalist state.

Nevertheless, these governments and these states reveal themselves incapable of preventing, according to their own confession – don’t they announce there’ll be other bombings ? – the repetition of these slaughters and this growing terror, of these increasingly frequent and numerous massacres, in Europe as well as other continents. And for good reason: ultimately capitalism and imperialist wars are responsible for these bloody and barbarous acts. Whatever are the individual motivations of the fanatics who blow themselves up in the midst of the crowd, and whatever the countless paths and bends which lead to these blind and bloody acts, the basic mechanisms of capitalism which are propelled and accelerated by its economic crisis and the imperialist rivalries can only result in this generalized terror and these massacres all around the world.

To line up behind the states, democratic or not, is the guarantee of even more terror and blind attacks as well as more misery and wars.

The Brussels Slaughter Prepares still more War and Deaths

No doubt, these bombings in Brussels, like those in Paris, as well as those in Ankara and other cities, will revive even more the equally bloody military interventions of the great powers in the Middle East; each state defending its own imperialist interests antagonistic to the others. Don’t be mistaken!

The reality is that capitalism bears within itself the crisis and the war. The economic dead-end of capitalism feeds and exacerbates the imperialist rivalries and thus the wars in a way that is unprecedented since the 2nd World War. Crisis and wars combine to such a point, the events of 2015 are its product and its aggravating factors, that they compel the ruling class to now declare a genuine class war: crisis and increasing wars require a greater exploitation of the labour force, of the world proletariat; they require a greater ideological and political submission, hence the calls for national unity in the name of war against terrorism and the defence of democracy; they require a greater social discipline, hence the institution of means of repression and other emergency measures prohibiting public gatherings and demonstrations, and condemning any ’deviant’ discourse which is at once qualified as being terrorist.

To Resist the Capitalist Crisis and the Calls for Sacrifices

For the international proletariat, the danger and the trap is to let itself be impressed and terrorized by all these barbarous and bloody acts that the bourgeoisie utilizes, and to give up its resistance and opposition to capitalism and its state, to regroup under such or such nationalist and democratic banner or slogan, to give in to the calls for national unity, for ’class collaboration’ with its exploiters and their ideological, political and military weapon that is the capitalist state, whether democratic or not. In this case it would suffer a major ideological and political defeat which would open up the way first to bloody failures (as in the 1930s) and then to a rapid process leading to a generalized 3rd World War; the huge destruction of productive forces, material and proletarians, being the only objective and historical response that capitalism in crisis can give to its chronic overproduction. And only the international proletariat can get in the way of this infernal mechanism because it bears the unique alternative to generalized imperialist war: the destruction of capitalism.

No to terrorism, no to the anti-terrorist front! No to anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant racism, no to the anti-racist front! No to national unity! No to the defense of the democratic, or not, capitalist state! No to the defense of imperialism of every country!

Already the workers must regroup around the following general slogans: Let’s resist the capitalist crisis and calls for sacrifices: Yes to working class struggle against Capitalism and its attacks! Let’s defend our working class demands, wages, work, working conditions! Our interests as salaried or unemployed, as exploited, are the same everywhere regardless of our origins and skin colour: Immigrants and non-immigrants, Muslims and non-Muslims, blacks and whites, we all are exploited!

Let’s spread and unify our struggles to all categories, to all sectors and beyond all frontiers! Let’s regroup and fight back against every attack of capital!

Capitalism in crisis wants to drive us to misery and death in a generalized imperialist war: let’s destroy capitalism! For Communism (which is the opposite of stalinism), a society without frontiers, without exploitation, without classes, without misery and without war!

March 22nd 2016
The International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)
Revolution or War.