Revolution or War n° 1

(February 2014)

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Resolution on the foundation of the International Group of the Communist Left

1) At the conclusion of the conference grouping the Internationalist Communists-Klasbatalo (CI-K, former CIM) and the Fraction of the International Communist Left (FICL, former FICCI), the two groups decided to dissolve, fusing their members into a single international group of the Communist Left.

2) Consequently, GIGC decided to develop a printed international journal, ’Revolution or War’ - to be published initially on a semi-annual basis - and circulated as widely as possible so as to conduct the group’s general work on a regular basis and to develop a political presence internationally and locally, when and where it’s needed.

3) The Theses on the international situation, that were discussed and adopted at the conference, provide the new group with a general framework in dealing with the historical situation, which will allow it to develop a united, homogeneous political intervention for the class struggle. Similarly, GIGC has associated itself with the political agreement arrived at by the CI-K and FICL in their debate on the state of the proletarian camp [1], defining our analysis of the camp as well as our intervention in it. In particular, the aims of our interventions are to participate in the struggle for the consolidation of communist forces in order to constitute the world party of the proletariat. Today, the fight for the communist party requires that we push both for consolidation and polarization around the Internationalist Communist Tendency and as well to fight against the manifestations of opportunism and sectarianism within the camp, especially against apolitical and ’anti-party’ tendencies.

4) GIGC is constituted on the basis of an agreement on organizational rules guiding the operation and life of a united communist group on a centralized international basis. Using the Statutes of the ICC only as a reference, it declares itself in accord with the principles presented.

5) The new group, the International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL), has adopted a political platform based mainly on the common positions of two main currents of the international communist Left, the ICT and the ’historic’ ICC. This platform comes in the form of the basic positions as they were published on the back of the FICL’s Communist Bulletin and previous ICT publications. The adoption of a platform in the form of concise positions means that the group, although it refers to the positions of the ’historic’ ICC, does not unilaterally claim this single stream of the communist Left only, but as well that of another historical left communist trend, which essentially defends the same positions and is represented today by the Internationalist Communist Tendency. For this reason, given this format, the platform will require greater development and argumentation in the future.

IGCL, November 2013.

(Published on : 18 January 2014)



[1See for example : Retour sur une ’contribution à un état des lieux de la Gauche communiste [Contribution to a State of the Communist Left only in French] on Klasbatalo’s blog and its discussion with the former Fraction of the International Communist Left in the latter’s bulletins (