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The Last ICC Attack or The Homage of Vice to Virtue (Communique March 7th 2021)

Once again, the ICC honours the former Internal Fraction of the ICC and the ICGL with a 9500-word text – nothing less! – in which it calls us for the umpteenth time a “police-like group”. To the few readers who might still be frightened by the torrent of accusations, let them know that the IFICC in its time systematically denied each and every one of them. If need be, they can refer to the summaries of its 60 bulletins [1]. The pretext for this endless litany of slanders [2] repeated ad nauseam for... twenty years now? The denunciation by the ICC of Emancipation (Nuevo Curso) [3] (NC), because of the professional activity of one of its members whom it calls Gaitzka, and our defence in principle of this revolutionary group, even if it ended up adopting positions foreign to the Communist Left.

The stupidity and the contradictions of the discourse only express the political impasse, from the proletarian point of view, in which the ICC has locked itself with its theory of parasitism. Two examples here :

- according to the text, “nowhere is there any trace of a ’political’ argumentation by the IFICC, clearly highlighting its ’fundamental divergences’ with the ICC.” Yet its note 21 quotes an extract of “a political argumentation” of the IFICC On the decomposition theory of the ICC (only in French and Spanish [4]) which itself refers to four equally argued political texts of the IFICC! It would have been difficult to do better to contradict the initial thesis;

- the IGCL knowing “the adventurer Gaitzka” – by the grace of the Holy Spirit? – should have denounced NC at the very moment when, as soon as it appeared, this group was showing its will to get closer to the Communist Left, to the point of fixing as its orientation the adhesion to the ICT, which, by the way, we supported and saluted in its time. However, despite its obvious capacity for digital or facial recognition, note 30 informs us of a very fraternal correspondence between NC and the ICC in 2017. If the danger was so great, why did it wait three years to denounce and warn against the “adventurer” and Nuevo Curso in 2020?

And since the ICC insists, it forces us to evoke a fact, which shows the full extent of its hypocrisy. It accuses the NC member of having rubbed shoulders with bourgeois politicians in the course of his work. This personal proximity to bourgeois politicians, delicate if not dangerous in itself for any communist militant , had not provoked the same outraged reaction on its part when one of his members displayed a similar proximity. This comrade, known as Jerry Grevin, died ten years ago [5]. Let’s precise that, for our part, we maintain our militant and fraternal respect for him. Delegate of the ICC section in the USA at its International Bureau for more than thirty years, he ’rounded off his income’ by writing books under the name of Jerry Bornstein. He had a stable job and a comfortable salary. There were no financial constraints. He made no secret of it and much of the ICC knew about it. He wrote one of his books together with the former head of the German government and former mayor of Berlin during the Cold War, Willy Brandt, one of the most prominent politicians of the international bourgeoisie from the 1950s to the 1970s. The similarity with the situation for which this Gaitzak is condemned is particularly striking, is it not?

ICC’s anti-parasite principles? Variable geometry. Fiddled according to its immediate sectarian interests. 600 words and one page, including a photo, compared to the 9500 words and 15 pages of the ICC will be more than enough.

The IGCL, March 7th 2021



[1. Not all of the articles written by the IFICC had been translated in English at the time : The whole texts can be found on the French pages of the website.

[2. The ICC appears to be concerned about our members in Canada. They are fine, thank you.

[5. See IFICC’s tribute (only in French and Spanish) to this militant for whom its members had kept the greatest respect even though he had also voted to exclude them: and